Looking at the way ipob people and their leader insult and give orders like Army Generals, I wonder the kind of leadership we are going to face if we eventually get Biafra. The worst part if it is that they come to Facebook to express their local and timid knowledge of whatever they think they know, by using wrong words and sentences in showcasing how “highly learned” they are.

How can someone that calls himself a biafran be attacking a fellow biafran at any slightest argument or question instead of explaining to his brother on the need to join them in the struggle. Once they give order and you ask any question, they will start dealing with you immediately, even to the extent of threatening to kill you.

My people, are we going to be ruled by touts and killers if we get Biafra. Our Igbo adage states that “esi n’isi aro ama uto nsi”. I’m beginning to wonder if our Biafran leadership is going to be a dictatorship or a sort of military leadership.

Someone wrote an article on the consequences of boycotting the coming Anambra gubernatorial election which is scheduled to hold on 18th of November this year without insulting any body, and guess what, the so called our ipob brothers ganged up together trying to murder him unconditionally. They called him all sorts of names without reading the article to understand the context of the article.

One thing that baffles me is the way they talk about getting this Biafra. When you talk with any of them, he will tell you that its either Biafra or nothing, that they are going to get it by all means. He will even go further to boast that if the federal government sends their soldiers, they will kill them all. I always wonder who advises them that they can out win the Nigerian government when it comes to war. Let me make it clear to them, the kind of war jets the federal government has acquired for the fight against the book haram insurgency can clear the whole states in south east within four weeks. The worst part of it is that we don’t have any armoury in the south east. Are we going to fight the Nigerian Army with mere ‘Awka made’ double barrel guns?

There are more diplomatic ways of getting what we want from the federal government instead of risking our lives for something that has an alternative. Let me advice you again, boycotting elections can only add more salts to our open wounds. Which ever way we go about it, the election must hold or the consequences of forcing people to boycott it must prevail.

Let me make it clear to you my ipob brothers, if you continue to attack and neglect these your Igbo brothers, there will never be Biafra. If you continue to neglect the political elite, there will be no Biafra. Nnamdi KANU and your likes cannot get Biafra without these people I mentioned.

Note that Nnamdi KANU is a British citizen and will fly to UK when the consequences erupts. Also note that most of his followers are not indigenes of Anambra State and will run back to their respective states when the trouble they seek escalates.

So why not tell ourselves the honest truth and do the right thing. It’s better we get it right now or never. Thanks.

Now see how they will attack me after reading this post if at all they will read and understand it. But before they start, let me go and wear my insult and attack proof to avoid injuries.

Below is the attack of one of them to someone that made a post on Facebook.


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